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Why not?

I am living now, what about you? Let's start this time together with a little song.

Good to be alive by Meghan Trainor

Feels good, doesn't it?

I recently had the opportunity to travel on a mini-cruise with my best friend in this world and our mothers. We had such an amazing time and going on this cruise gave me the idea for this blog post. We absolutely knew we would have fun, relax and laugh but we found this on a new level.

My best friend, Qynn and I are at a point in our lives where we have young children, work full-time jobs, have furbabies and of course, have many responsibilities. At this stage in life, many people forget to focus on their own joy. Our trip wasn't very long but it was long enough to find and focus on that joy with each other. We have been friends for 30 years and we live 8 states apart, but true friendship like ours can withstand these challenges. Committing to take trips like this will now become part of our yearly planning. Luckily our mothers are just as awesome as we are and the four of us make a fantastic group! I love spending time with my mom and I am one lucky girl to have her in my corner.

On our mini-cruise we had a phenomenal waiter named Alan, he provided our catchphrase and moto for the duration of our trip, "why not?" We took that to heart on that trip and I have subsequently taken it into my daily life. Change and progress cannot happen without stepping out of your comfort zone. I am finding that asking yourself, "why not," can really open yourself up to taking those first steps forward. Here's the thing, you are most likely going to have a list of reasons that would answer that question, especially if it is a big idea. That's ok, you are thinking about it instead of just passing it off as something that could never happen. The next step would be to really look into those reasons, are they fear-based reasons? Remember, FEAR can be seen as False Evidence Appearing Real. What emotions do you have surrounding the reasons that are stopping you? Take some time to feel those emotions, would you move forward if you felt differently? How can you change those emotional responses?

Just this past weekend, my husband and I made a decision to adopt a new puppy. Now, let me tell you about the list of answers I could come up with in response to, why not? They were quickly outweighed and forgotten. And the love that I felt immediately for this newest family member provided more of that joy I am striving to bring into my daily life. Isn't that what it's all about while we spend our time in each life on Earth?

Look at that face!

The idea of seizing the moment and joie de vivre (exuberate joy of life) is what I hope for all of you! Play the song again, Good to be alive

Thanks for spending part of your day with me! I will return with a new tarot card draw later this week for the beginning of October.

In light and love!

Why not?!

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