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Time to stand in my own power

I have reached a time in my life in which I feel ready to offer my gifts more broadly. I have already been sharing my gifts on a small scale with friends and family over the course of my self-discovery. My loving and supportive family and friends encouraged me to do more with what I have provided them. This sharing allowed me to gain self-confidence and to hone my skills through a certification course with Certified Psychic Medium Ginger Quinlan.

I can proudly say that I am now certified under Ginger's direction and am ready to open my gifts to the world.

So where do I start?! This is so exciting and terrifying but I am 100% ready to work this into my already busy life. I am ready and willing to do this because if I didn't I would not be honoring my purpose. So what does a psychic medium do in order to prepare for this type of journey, ask my guides and turn to my tarot of course!

New to tarot? Well folks, let me enlighten you with a personal 11 card spread. This was a deep soul dive and I have received so much information on where I am now and where that will take me. Follow along below! Once you have completed reading my personal card draw stick around to read about the energy for this upcoming week through another 3 card spread. It's a good one!!

11 Card Manifestation Spread

For this spread I focused my energy on asking about my goal: To provide tarot intuitive counseling on a grand scale.

Here was my draw.

Card 1: What feelings do I have surrounding my goal? 10 of Swords

My interpretation: This card is showing me that I experienced a stab in the back, a painful experience professionally that I am still feeling. YUP! This card also helps me to know that this painful experience brought about my soul journey and self-discovery. I was able to realize my true potential and this pain can no longer hurt me! Time to uncover my capability.

Card 2: If I manifest this goal what would be the true potential? Knight of Pentacles

My interpretation: This card is showing me that I am already aware that I am a meticulous hard-worker and I can use my planning skills to then implement my goal. I am not capable of leaving this job half-done if I start it. Keeping on this path will lead to success.

Card 3: Is there anything that would be beneficial to release to achieve this goal? Page of Wands Reversed

My interpretation: If I am harboring any inner fears or anxieties I need to release them to reach my full potential. I need to release any fear about opening my private gifts to the public.

Card 4: In order to manifest my goal, what do I need to create? The Empress

My interpretation: Ahhhh, The EMPRESS! So in love with this particular draw for this question. I need to create a balance! I need to remain connected to nature and Earth while I enhance my ethereal skills. I should practice slowing down my vibrations after readings to gain that balance.

The next three cards are my next steps.

Card 5: The Chariot

My interpretation: Take focused action no matter the challenges, because there will be challenges! Be bold when opening my gifts.

Card 6: Five of Cups

My interpretation: Forgive the past and let it go (sounds so easy, right?)

Card 7: Page of Pentacles

My interpretation: Use my motivation to open the door for services and always continue to broaden my education. Continue to dive deep into my own self-discovery to bring those skills to the table.

Card 8: Is there a lesson that I could master? Two of Cups reversed

My interpretation: Above all else, continue Self-Love and Self-Respect. If I failed at this lesson I would not be of service to anyone.

Card 9: The last three cards show me what I can expect to experience of the next 3/6/12 months if I stay committed to my goal.

3 Months - Card 9 - Six of Cups Reversed (October)

My interpretation: I will experience peace about the past.

6 Months - Card 10 - The Star Reversed (January)

My interpretation: I will experience more trust in the universe and myself. I will act as a vessel for the Divine which can be draining and may need to take some time to recoup and remind myself of that balance. Charging ahead is great as long as I remember self-care.

12 Months - Card 11 - Ten of Wands Reversed (August 2020)

I may at this time need to unload any activities or materials that no longer bring me value in order to heighten and strengthen what does bring value.

PHEW! Did you get all of that? There will be a pop-quiz at the end of this blog.

This spread and connection with Spirit has shown me unequivocally that this is the correct path at the correct time.

Have you heard that this week brings a Black Super New Moon - that is a mouthful! In light of my personal decision and this new moon I decided to start offering tarot readings weekly in my blog for the week ahead. So let's dive in, shall we?

Wow, if I was not already convinced through my own draw I would certainly be convinced now. Here we have the Two of Cups Reversed, the Eight of Swords and the Seven of Wands Reversed.

My interpretation: This week will bring a time to stand in your own power, find your voice and remove all barriers in your way. There will be challenges but this is a time to set some new goals and to set those goals according to your self-love. Use your strength and stand in it with courage. Your goals may not be accepted by everyone and that is ok because they are developed in self-love. I recommend meditating to the new moon's power on Wednesday night Eastern Time, pour your energy into your goals and share them with the universe through meditation. You may want to smudge yourself first to clear out any energy that brings feelings of challenge or disillusionment.

If you have enjoyed this post and would like to learn more about your own personal journey I invite you to book a call with me to discuss. I am going to be offering intuitive counseling with the use of tarot cards. As I mentioned in the beginning I am now a certified psychic medium and I have completed tarot training through Biddy Tarot.

I also have my Master's degree in Professional Counseling so I have decided to use my intuition and my education to provide the best service. Oh and I see dead people. Sorry, I have always wanted to say that! I am able to connect with loved ones and animals that have passed.

I would love the opportunity to assist in your self-discovery, in your reconnection with a loved one or to help guide on a burning question. Take a glance at my services this week as I launch them. Thank you for spending part of your day with me. I am very excited to speak with you!

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