That "Ex-Fox News Guy, Clayton Morris" is my big brother and I could not be more proud.

Some of you may just be learning about this story and others may already know that this is old news. I felt as though it was time to use my voice and this forum to share some light on this negatively skewed story. A couple of journalists have sunk in their teeth on a "newsworthy" story based on my brother's celebrity. They have created a page turner for their audiences but they completely and intentionally left out the truth because that doesn't offer a front page story. How can I offer insight on this matter you might ask? Well,

Clayton is not only my brother he was also my boss and remains partly my boss to this day. I have been a part of this story from the very beginning and have seen and heard basically everything along the way.

When we learned of how many clients had been harmed by Oceanpointe's lack of performance, our team banded together to try to help in any way we could. This was also the time that the angry and hateful words started to spill in our inboxes via email and voicemail. The best way I can describe it is going to work each day feeling like a welder. I would don my welder's helmet each morning and figuratively throw down my spark mask waiting for the burns. After a while, you just go into the flames without protection because you think well it cannot get much worse, but then it does.

The threatening emails and anger are something you can take in stride and understand that people are just misdirecting their blame because we have always been there. The lawsuits are a completely different story, it is still hard to wrap my brain around the idea of all of us being named for fraud and various other allegations. It feels like we are in a terrible movie. Well, folks, I am very much looking forward to the ending where everyone stands up and cheers for the obvious vindication that we will receive. Kind of funny that the journalists neglected to mention all of the cases that have already been dismissed, guess that just isn't worth sharing with the public.

Some people have asked, "how could you not have known?" Here is the only way I have thought to describe my experience with Herbert "Bert" Whalen, head of Oceanpointe, Indy Jax, Freeport Invest and whatever other names he has developed since then. I see him as a Chinese Dragon, commonly used in a parade. On the exterior, you see brilliant bright colors and loud decorations that draw your attention away from all of the people hidden underneath operating the dragon. The large head of the dragon being run by Bert, who was slowly drowning in the weight of his elaborate show.

I do not want to focus this opportunity to speak on the negative individual that destroyed many lives. Instead, I wanted to say a few things about my brother who has suffered greatly at the hand of he who shall not be named.

Clayton Morris is so much more than "Ex-Fox News guy," who decided to leave a state that offered nothing for his family. He is a generous son, an inspiring older brother, a loving husband, an adoring father, a loyal friend (it is a shame that some of his friends turned out to be the opposite), an entrepreneur, a comedian, a witty media artist, a writer, an empath, a strong man, a leader, a tech wiz, a teacher and most importantly a kind soul. I have had the great opportunity to travel on a soul journey with my big brother over the course of this nightmare. My other travel companions on this journey who have become my true sisters are my sister-in-law and her sister. I have learned so much from all of them and have been able to use their support and strength in my weak moments and vice versa. If you have read my other blog posts I speak a lot about gratitude and being thankful for challenges. I would not be where I am today without this experience. I found my truth, my strength and I am proud to navigate this soul challenge with some of the strongest people I have ever known, for that that I am forever grateful.

I fully believe that the company has successfully become a means of education, enlightenment and camaraderie for many investors and that was always the goal. I see great things ahead for Morris Invest and all of the individuals interested in financial freedom. I am very proud to be a part of this company and will continue to help share the value that we can offer.

My personal growth and soul journey allowed the birth of Kemerton Holistic Healing, which is why you are all here now. I found a way to share light into the universe instead of dwelling in the darkness. Listen, when life throws you a mess you can simply throw your hands up and quit or you can sort it out and grow. Another sign from Spirit today to show that I will continue to sort out messes and never give up, see picture below.

My new box of stones was supposed to be sorted, well the shipping process and the universe had other plans.

This is a safe place of healing and light, I would love to hear any of your soul journeys that you are willing to share. I thank you for taking the time to read my story and I am wishing you a fabulous day!

In light and love.

Continue to dance in the rain!

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