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Stay gold, Ponyboy

One thing you will learn about me is how I receive my messages at times. I am a huge movie and tv buff and as a result I can connect to scenes from movies and tv shows very easily. My guides deliver messages through these scenes to me on a pretty regular basis. This brings even more joy to my journey. Riding the tailwinds of the new supermoon last week I received a message about staying gold as I open my services. This message was delivered as the scene from "The Outsiders" when Johnny tells Ponyboy to stay gold. This quote was taken from Robert Frost's poem as a reminder to stay true to yourself and uncorrupted by challengers. This was powerful to me this week as I have already been faced with some challengers. That brings me to the tarot reading for this week.

I drew three cards this week to get a sense of what energies are at play this week.

First up, Knight of wands reversed. Followed by, Justice reversed and finally ten of wands.

Let's take a close look at the knight. I initially see a fierce, determined rider who is actively moving forward and followed closely by the sun. You can also see the mane of fire alerting you to how much energy is within this card.

Let's dive in! Again we are riding the wave from the new moon's energy last week and the completion of mercury retrograde, a fire was lit inside of you to work toward your goals. This goal is something that truly inspires you and makes your soul sing. At times, during this week you may feel overwhelmed by your own energy causing some confusion on your steps forward. Take some time to reflect on your purpose and refocus your energy so as to not act too impulsively.

Justice reversed, ahh so powerful in her presence. The individual in the card is holding a sword to show strength in conviction but also holding a balance to show just and fair decisions. This card can have several meanings during this week. I am finding it mostly ties to the knight of wands as it followed that draw for me. This could have you second guessing your decisions and not trusting your inner guide. When that impulsive energy rises up within you this week put on the brakes and take account of your thoughts. Will your decisions in this moment keep you on the path toward your goals and purpose?

Oh the ten of wands, look at that weight she is carrying. She is alone and her support is off in the distance, carrying this load is weighing her down. Let's be honest, working toward your goals can be quite a hard task. You are going to take on extra work to achieve it. That's ok! The extra weight of this process won't last long and the result will be worth the work. Stay true because completion is right around the corner. Stay gold, Ponyboy!

Thanks for spending part of your day with me and I hope this reading brings some meaning to your journey. Have a great week! Feel free to click above to see my products and services if you prefer a one-on-one. Thanks!

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