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Practice, practice, practice!

The goal I have set for my week ahead is to practice my spiritual gifts. Just as I learned the piano in my formative years, I had to practice my skill. Practicing allowed me to play beautiful music. Within my spiritual practice I also aspire to create beautiful music for my soul and the souls of others. Luckily I have had some incredible teachers thus far on my journey. I have had the amazing experience of training with Certified Psychic Medium Ginger Quinlan. You may visit her website here: Soul Sessions Academy, and I suggest you do! She has allowed me to awaken powers within me, within all of us, that grow on a daily basis. Ginger is not only my teacher, mentor and go-to for all things spiritual, but I also think of her as a friend. She pushes me to think and stretch my abilities greater than the human limits I had somehow set for myself. Of course this requires the practice to which I referred earlier! So I practice, test myself, rinse and repeat. As I practice this week, I intend to stretch my intuition, trust my psychic guides and expand my reach to individuals who have left the physical world for now. I am also practicing my cultivation of herbs and vegetables in my newly constructed greenhouses (thank you to my hubby for those). I just love the whole process. Growing the plants from seeds, nurturing them as they grow, harvesting the crop or pruning my herbs for fresh teas and decoctions. Stay tunes as I develop my herbal hand! I aspire to provide my tea mixtures and ointments as my next product line.

What are your goals for the week?

Looking ahead to next week I have a question for you. Have any of you felt the strange planetary energy this weekend? I would love to hear your experiences, I plan to focus my discussion on the power of the moon next week.

See below some of my newly planted babies!

Thank you for spending time with me today. I am grateful for you.

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