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Pop Culture Psychic

My sister-in-law opened my eyes to a brilliant idea. I should refer to myself as the "Pop Culture Psychic," thanks Natali for bringing that to light for me. I have mentioned several times that I receive most messages in a form of a movie/tv scene and I can pretty much relate any reading to a scene from an existing movie. Boom, pop culture psychic! I am embracing this path and hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. And if you haven't seen a movie or show that I reference then I can most assuredly tell you to definitely add it to a must watch list. My brother would completely disagree on some of my choices but I stand by my love of silly entertainment. Let's see what message I can deliver for the upcoming week.

The three cards I pulled for this week's energy gave me the chills, one after the other. All three cards basically empower the previous card's message.

Up first:

The Hierophant Reversed

This week may present with an opportunity for you to create your own path. Allow yourself to feel your unique power and see how you would like to present that to the world. This might be going against the norm, possibly a unique approach. You create your own success, sometimes simply following along isn't the right approach for you. See what you can learn from yourself, give yourself the credit for exploring the road less traveled. If you are involved in a group or activity that is not aligned with your values, this might be the time to consider a change even if it rocks the boat.

I love how this next card shows that standing up for your values is going to be rewarded.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Since this card followed The Hierophant reversed I can clearly see that the message is indicating a break in a previous cycle will help to empower you. This card emphasizes the need for some introspection and examination of your choices and again how they are aligned with your values. Do you need to take a stand? Fight against convention? Take some time to reflect on any cycles that you are simply caught up in because you did not see a way out.

Pulling these two cards together is the last card which I simply love in this grouping.

The Emperor Reversed

Wow, right?! Maybe you need to take a stand against a compelling force that is hindering your best self and the greater good. Are you thinking of starting your own business? A career change? A desire to stand up for yourself or for a need to create a better more loving and accepting world? Whatever you might be diving into this week in your self discovery, allow yourself to see different options and weigh them against your values. If you need to take a stand these cards are indicating that it might be that time.

Now for my pop culture reference, the message was so clear on this one it just made me laugh. And here it is....

Just One of The Guys! Taking a stand for women's equality in journalism, Terry stood up for what she believed in and went to extraordinary means to prove her point. Bold move and I loved it!

The overall message I have for this upcoming week is to believe in yourself, align with your values and break any negative cycles. And if that means dressing as a man to get an article into the contest then so be it!

Thank you for spending part of your day with me!

In light and love.

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