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Once in a blue moon

I stepped outside my front door and was instantly struck by the amazingly beautiful full blue moon in the night's sky. This full moon was extra special for me as most of my planets, including Sun are in the sign of Scorpio. Last night's full moon was in Scorpio. I had such a strong connection to it's power, I almost felt like it was a tip of the hat.

Recently I have felt the need to let go of negativity from the past. Certain experiences seem to be allowing me to relive the past and bits of it hang on in my now. These little bits kept adding up and created a strong enough emotion within me to be recognized. Time to release and move on again! It was as if the moon was answering my need at that moment. I was able to set some great intentions focused on letting go. Through my meditation I was given a sign that I would be granted great power.

The universe and moon delivered in an amazing way. How they delivered is a bit personal and I do not want to gross anyone out. Let's just say that something was given to me and I was able to use this to set a banishment spell on all negativity today.

The process of letting go and releasing negativity from your life can be very challenging. We, as humans, hold on to emotions and memories of our past and fall back into old patterns once something reminds us of those experiences. Creating a never-ending cycle of negativity. Replaying those tapes in our heads, giving power and energy to the ill received emotion. My intention on this full moon is to delete those tapes and release that pain for good. I look forward to this release of energy and to refocus on all positive experiences that serve me and the greater good. In my banishment, I included my entire family as we have all experienced some major negative energy this past year.

I would love to hear from all of you! Please share your stories from this full moon, how did you harness it's power?

Thank you so much for spending some of your day with me! Have a fabulous week!

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