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Moon Magic

When I was younger I never understood why I, at times, would have drained energy or feelings of unrest and confusion. I would simply come up with an excuse or just continue to "not know." As I have previously mentioned I have learned so much this past year on my soul journey. My sister-in-law, Natali, opened my world to astrology and the power of the moon and planets. I received my free astrological birth chart and continue to study all of the intricate details so that I can best use it to assist me on my path of enlightenment. I discovered that the majority of my planets were in the 12th house upon my birth. Natali sent me this following passage from Houses: A Contemporary Guide (Special Topics in Astrology Series). "Yes, it can be a harbinger of challenges, but there also are positive elements to the Twelfth House. When we study past lives, we begin to understand how a loaded Twelfth House has to do with karma and reincarnation. A person with a stellium of planets here is going to a kind of graduate school - maybe even getting a Ph.D. - in spiritual growth. This is probably an old soul who is getting ready to make a big leap in consciousness - not that this is the person's last time around on the Earth plane, but he or she is getting close.

Along with difficulties, a busy Twelfth House also brings gifts from above. There are blessings here, such as guardian angels, rich symbolic dreams, intuitions, synchronicity and all that is related to mysticism and the unconscious. Frequently, there is psychic strength, including the ability to heal." I love every word of this passage and welcome all that comes with the responsibility of having a "loaded Twelfth House." It has also helped me to understand a lot of what I have experienced on a daily basis throughout my life.

I now know why I feel all planetary movement and can now prepare myself for the dreaded mercury retrograde. I also use the energy of the new and full moons during intention meditations and crystal grids. I repot my herbs under the full moon and enjoy her infinite guidance. I recommend acquiring your birth chart and taking some time to read what the planets have in store for you.

Two book recommendations this time: Houses: A Contemporary Guide (Special Topics in Astrology Series) and Astrology for the Soul.

I had the pleasure of participating in the Leesport Craft Fair this weekend and I met some very lovely people. If you stopped by and/or purchased a product from me this weekend I am grateful for you! I hope to connect again in the future. Have an amazing rest of your weekend and thank you for spending time with me today.

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