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Let's talk about exercise....

The word itself, exercise, makes me want to crawl into a hole and sleep for a week. I am not what you would call an athlete. Generally speaking I found every excuse in the book to not find the time in my day to exercise. Then I turned 40. I saw pictures of myself from my 40th surprise birthday party and let's just say I was not impressed. In fact, I was mortified. Now let me be clear, I was not mortified by my appearance. I was upset with myself for not honoring the body that I chose to live this life.

I was not living my best life, physically. I had come so far in my spiritual journey but was not focused on my physical body. I was creating an imbalance, no wonder I couldn't clear my chakras.

I had to align my spiritual and physical journeys. I joined a gym and made a commitment to actually go. Something amazing happened after about 4 weeks of actively moving my body on a consistent basis. I started to look forward to the feeling of physical excursion. It's true what they say, I found that I had so much more energy and my skin has become younger looking and more vibrant. I try to do a variety of different exercises to really enhance all parts of my mind and body. I find that Yoga has been the most strenuous and rewarding for my entire body. I feel such amazing power upon completion and the physical connects with my spirit during the process. I am now a firm believer in the benefits of exercise, not that I didn't believe it before, I simply didn't want to do it.

Taking care of your physical body is vital to overall holistic health. Paying attention to your chakras and finding out where you may have blockages could correlate to something physical in your body. We are human and as ethereal as I feel at times I have to practice grounding myself to my body.

So let's move these bodies! I would love to hear what you love and hate about physical movement!

Thanks so much for spending part of your day with me. I hope you have an amazing week ahead.

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