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Draw Unto You

I had the pleasure of listening to The Law of Attraction, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I downloaded this selection based on my brother Clayton's recommendation. He and I regularly compare our journeys and make recommendations. Finding the words to describe my experience while listening to the information presented is nearly impossible. My major take away from all of the information is to simply place my attention on what I want. In this moment I want joy, safety, optimal health, prosperity and peace. In my daily experience I will focus my attention to only those thoughts that will help draw what I want. I will then allow all of those positives to flow to me. It was an instant reward. Everything that came unto me was falling into one or more of the wants that I asked for. I wanted joy and prosperity, suddenly I was given the opportunity to sell products in a local retail store in my town called Uniquely Local, grand opening next weekend! I wanted optimal health and peace. I was presented the opportunity to visit a local farm to purchase fresh eggs and visit with some beautiful horses. This environment is my personal paradise. I wanted peach and joy. I was given the most glorious Easter day with my family, no children fighting or melting down at our brunch, just pure simple happiness. I am creating my physical experience and my inner guide is steering me by creating positive or negative emotions. I choose to steer toward the positive and therefore the coexisting experiences. I invite you to try the same. There is no way for me to provide the brilliance that is explained in these books below in a short blog post.

Book recommendation: Ask and It Shall Be Given and/or The Law of Attraction, both by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

I will continue to share how my focus brings positive outcomes. I do hope everyone experienced a joyful holiday weekend. Thank you for spending this time with me!

Update! We have some new energy joining this physical world in my greenhouses, I love seeing the little sprouts. Stay tuned for growth, harvest and drying!

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