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Don't tell Mom!

Last week may have felt like a cluster of messes. It may have also felt like too many responsibilities without a clear idea on how to prioritize. I was right there drowning in that bog last week. I still have a bit of the muck hanging on but I have hope that it will shake off this week! And thankfully the cards have a clear indication that it will clear up very soon!

Let's dive in on the cards that I pulled for this week's energy.

First up, 5 of Cups Reversed

Yes! End of a cycle, yes please! This card is indicating a time of closure, a "coming out of a fog." This is a time to recognize that the past is in the past and that is where it needs to stay. You may want to consider taking some risks this week, stay open to all possibilities. You are on an upward swing this week so take advantage!

Ok we are looking at the Justice card Reversed. Now this may feel like dread and doom, but luckily this followed the 5 of cups reversed so there is hope. As this cycle closes this week there may be some hurdles and you may not always feel as if you are owning up to some mistakes. Feel free to come clean during this week or if there are some minor indiscretions just moving forward may be all it takes. Now matter what, it will work in your favor if you stay the course of your intentions. If you came into a situation on false pretenses, come clean and your creativity will flow again. Follow through with ending this phase, especially in light of the full moon at the end of the week.

Lastly, 6 of Swords Reversed

You could feel like running as you go through the process of closure, don't! Stay grounded, stay put and complete those intentions. You will be able to identify what no longer serves you and you will be able to release it. Push past your comfort zone this week, step outside the box, come clean on anything that is tickling your guilty bone and feel that closure. All of those creative juices are getting ready to flow after a bit of reflection.

One of my all time favorite movies shines a clear light on the energies for this week. And here we have my pop culture reference of the week....

Take action this week, complete those intentions, get a little uncomfortable in order to make progress. Thank you for spending a part of your day with me! I am hard at work creating new pieces for a Fall release and will also have a stand at the Harvest Fair in Leesport, Oct 12 and 13. Hope to see you there! I will leave you with some words from SueEllen.

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