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Doing what you love!

I know you have heard it before, do what you love. Simple statement and a simple concept but most people do not believe they have the "time" to do what they love. I believe it is possible to do what makes your heart sing at least once a day no matter what else you have going on each day. I do not just believe, I know. Find the joy, I beseech you to try.

Make it a daily commitment to yourself, even if it is only for ten minutes. Allow this joy to be your focus that day, every day and soon enough it will no longer be what you try to fit in. It will then become your way of life. What do you love? What makes your heart sing?

When I first started living a path of joy my list was pretty short, my family (including my furbabies), friends, art, movies and coffee. A year later my list is so extensive I am not sure I could even list them all. My joy found more joy, which brings us back to the law of attraction. And even within the short week of practicing my workshop by only paying attention to experiences that I find positive, my list of joys has subsequently grown even more. Learn, grow and enjoy. Imagine if we all lived our joy!

Speaking of joy, I wanted to thank Joy Bailey again for stocking my products in her store Uniquely Local. Grand Opening weekend was a big success and I would love to thank all that supported her and all of the local vendors including myself. I created a new candle this weekend and I am excited to have it available to you soon. One candle to use during all chakra cleansing meditation. Each layer unveils a new stone corresponding to each chakra. Below is a sneak peak.

Thank you for spending some time with me and I would love to hear what brings you joy and how do you plan to live a life of joy?

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