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Dog Breath

I am an animal lover, probably pretty easy to guess that. Our furbabies are three dogs and two cats; Sookie, Ella, Pepper, Savannah and Mystic. These members of our family provide such an amazing sense of peace, joy and loyalty. They all just exude love and we provide the same love to them.

One way of providing love to them is to provide optimal care. The commercial foods on the market for animals are just so poorly formulated it is sad. It is very disappointing and I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out the best options at an affordable cost. I landed on the raw variety of food mixed with some homemade options. Our furbabies are happy and healthy and I love it.

One issue that we could not get past no matter the food or dental care provided was the terrible dog breath. If you have smelled dog breath you know our dilemma. Well my friends, I have found the answer and to be quite honest I am a little upset with myself for not thinking of it sooner. Turn to the herbs! Nature always provides.

The magic of dill, antibacterial by nature. Dog breath be gone! I also mix in some parsley and basil for antioxidants and to help prevent cancer. It can also serve as an anti-inflammatory. I am very excited about the use of herbs in their diet and I will continue to explore other uses as well.

Thank you for spending part of your day with me and if you have furbabies at home I highly encourage the use of herbs in their diet but please make sure to do your research first. Have a fabulous week!

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