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Crystal power

Ok ladies, where do you carry your crystals on a daily basis? Close to your heart? Yep, me too, in the good ole hooter hider. It is very convenient but only for your smaller, polished stones. Some of those rough pointy stones are certainly not a good choice, clearly. I wanted to talk about some of my favorite stones today and why they are my favorites right now.

My top stone recently has been the Rhyolite or Rainforest stone.

It is truly like an antidepressant without any side effects like those from a medication. The energy I receive from this stone is extremely positive and uplifting. I keep it by my bedside table and grab it each morning to start my day with positive energy. I ask it each morning to allow me to focus on my gratitude and enhance my confidence to face any challenges that may arise during the course of my day. It then spends the day in my bra:)

The other crystal that I have found profound connection with recently is the Angel Phantom Quartz.

This stone is one of the best combination stones I have come across on my crystal journey. I find it extremely useful during chakra cleansing meditation. I find it assists when cleansing each of the seven chakras and realigning their energies as well, making the connection to each that much stronger. I found a great energy from the stone during my practice to spirit, it created an even stronger connection with clearer answers to my questions. I combine this stone with angelite and crystal quartz in my practice and this combination greatly enhances my connections. This stone can help both adults and children sleep peacefully at night, safeguarding from nightmares and allowing guardians to be even closer.

I have found that my crystals choose me when I need them most. I have a pretty large collection now because whenever I enter a store or attend a holistic fair I end up leaving with about 3 or 4 new stones that call to me. If you have not yet discovered the amazing power from crystals I suggest taking some time in a crystal store and just ask as you enter for the stones to respond to your energy. You will leave with what you need at that time, I promise!

I would love to hear your favorite crystals lately and what benefits they have brought to you. Thank you for spending part of your day with me and Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there!

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