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Challenge equals opportunity for gratitude

I pulled open the blinds, let the warm sunshine wash over my face. Opening the window I am greeted by a gentle breeze and the harmony of several bird singing nearby. Spring! Glorious Spring! I welcome you with open arms and heart. As Pam Grout has taught me, I start each day by saying and BELIEVING, "something amazingly awesome is going to happen today." I then focus my energy and thoughts on three things I am grateful for today. These two simple practices can set the course for your day.

Book recommendation, Thank and Get Rich by Pam Grout. This book changed my life last summer. I constantly refer back to this book when I am faced with a challenge. This past week was one for the record books as far as challenges go. We as humans are always going to be faced with challenges. Our ego-based nature is

going to react to those challenges. That part, my friends, is where we have control. And to that, I say, do what makes your soul shine. Bring your attention back to gratitude, your energy will flow where you focus your attention.

I will share one thing I am grateful for today. My new greenhouses! I am in the process of studying how to become an herbalist, so naturally I needed a location to grow my herbs, right?! Spending time with nature helps to ground me and focus on gratitude. I hope you are able to spend some time this week discovering what grounds you and helps you to live a life for the greater good. Thank you for spending some time with me today and I do hope you return next week to hear about my greenhouse adventures!

Quote of the day: "To live a life of gratitude is to open our eyes to the countless ways we are supported by the world around us." - Gregg Krech

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