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Can you feel that?!

First, let me apologize for the late posting this week. I was traveling with my family, we visited some dear friends for a long weekend. This time with friends is something I hold close to my heart and find very important. The cards that I pulled this morning are completely aligned with how my heart felt after this trip, it put a huge smile on my face! Let's get to those cards!

First up, Four of Pentacles

Followed by, Seven of Swords

Last but certainly not least, pulling this all together, Queen of Pentacles

As mentioned before I am a huge movie buff and at this moment I want to insert a scene from Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. This scene always makes me laugh, but if you are easily offended I recommend not watching and skipping ahead.

This is exactly how I felt after pulling these cards for this week. If you follow astrology and the phases of the moon then you will also recognize the importance of these cards in conjunction with the Sturgeon Full Moon set to peak on Aug 15. This week you are going to feel, simply feel. You will navigate all of these feelings regarding family/relationships, money, career, society and desires. Not too much to worry about, right?! HA!

Let's think about this in a bit more detail. There are two cards in this group that reference career, finances and abundance. The first, the Four of Pentacles, is providing a glimpse into the idea of holding onto what you have. You have possibly been responsible with your money and have created a healthy relationship with finances. This card may be reminding you that letting some of that go is ok and it is all about flowing and not stashing away. Are you looking to book a nice vacation or some other luxury that you desire? This might be the time to do so. This card is followed by the Seven of Swords. The fact that this card followed, tells me that it is time to put yourself first. Take a look at the relationship with yourself. You may need to leave some baggage behind and refocus on what is more important to you at this time. Allow yourself to feel your emotions surrounding everything you do and see what does not feel right, let it go.

Now let's get back to that other pentacles card. The Queen of Pentacles ties this all together!

This card is showing that abundance has been created both in emotion and in material. There is a safe balance of security and love, now is the time to live a little. Create time in your world for reflection on how far you have come, the relationships you have built, the security you have formed for you and your family and most importantly the abundance of love. Pour your energy into what matters most in your world and continue to feel that abundance.

As mentioned in the beginning I find friendships to be one of the most important aspects of living my best life. I make a genuine effort to get friends together and spend quality time. This past weekend was exactly what I needed to reboot and allow myself to feel the abundance of joy with friends. So releasing some of the savings to create a wonderful trip with friends is worth every penny.

What matters most to you? I would love to hear some of your stories.

Make sure to take some time for meditation and reflection during this full moon! I hope you enjoyed this reading, thank you for taking some time with me today.

I will be updating my services as well, please take a look later this week as I expand the options!

In light and love!

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