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Certified Psychic Medium
Nicole Meckley

Welcome! I am honored to have the opportunity to provide psychic mediumship readings to people all over the world. I offer readings over the phone, virtually, and in-person either in your home or in an agreed-upon location. 
A little about me...
I have been provided this gift and wish to offer others any assistance that presents in my path. I wear many hats in this life and try my best to bring joy, light, and education to all people and animals that I encounter. I am a huge movie lover and my guides have a sense of humor by providing some of my messages in movie scenes. Some have called me the Pop Culture Psychic. I also hold a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling. Feel free to book a session below!

What is a reading?

Have you ever wished you could see possible outcomes when faced with a decision? Or have you longed to have just one more connection to a lost loved one? Readings are unique every single time. Messages come through to me in various forms. I am able to provide guidance through energy connection and the messages provided to me.  

What can you expect?

The session opens with a quick exercise to connect our energies and invite your guides to be open to communication. Talking to one another increases this connection and offers validation for the path of the reading. If you are looking to connect to a loved one they may present. Depending on how they choose to communicate the messages can be crystal clear and sometimes a bit muddy. Typically what they want to say eventually comes through. Most importantly this is an opportunity for you to view death as a continuation, not an ending.


How to prepare for your reading

The most important step you can take to prepare is to breathe. Take a minimum of 5 minutes before your session to simply breathe. Do not allow distractions to take you away from yourself. Getting in touch with what is going on inside will allow me to also connect to that energy. Think about what you want to receive through this reading. It's pretty simple but can be quite powerful. 

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