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What are Lava Stones?

I use a variety of lava stones in my bracelets. Lava stones can be used with essential oils. Just a drop or two of your favorite oil or blend and benefit from their healing and uplifting for the whole day. Be mindful and read warnings when selecting an oil, some can cause skin irritation if not diluted properly. The combination of healing crystals and essential oils is one of the most powerful natural methods of self-care. This is my inspiration for creating these bracelets, each one is created with a purpose. 

A Journey to Healing

Broken, defeated, shocked, angry and disheartened. Those were my daily emotions at the beginning of 2018. This is when I discovered the betrayal and deceit of someone I had grown to trust and respect in my professional career. Suddenly, I had to fight, stay strong, survive and persevere. How? I called out to the universe, help me and help my team (which includes my family). The universe responded and has provided me with a journey of healing. I learned and I grew strong in my own power. I dove in and swam deep into the depths of my light hidden behind the anger. It’s in all of us and if you let me I would love to share with you how I came to this discovery. I will be writing about my education/discovery in my blog and I will be sharing my light in every piece that I create. 

During my journey, I had the pleasure of training with Ginger Quinlan, Certified Psychic Medium. The amazing education and guidance have allowed me to become certified as a Psychic Medium as well. I am now able to provide services that will provide assistance and insight on healing to the public. Please take a look below and select a service that you feel will best serve you. In Light and Love. 


Let the Light In